Traditionally LOOMZ is a familiar name that everyone can associate to dating back to the 19th Century through the refining of cotton and the spinning of cotton until it reaches a fabric stage.Similarly, LOOMZ for us has been associated throughout the family history for over five decades.
Our grandfather had three sons, one being father Basheer Ahmed. Learning the trade of craftsmanship in relation to fabric, the three sons together explored the cotton refining process, method of fabric making, sales and reaching out to the customers. Each branching off into their own lives went on to have families.

They then continued to develop their skills within their families as a means of livelihood. Basheer Ahmed had the privilege of a very supportive and hardworking life partner along with his children who took it upon themself to also provide and help as family members. The family advanced in their expertise and the rewards were a blessing to say the least.

Keeping in line with the family tradition LOOMZ created a forward mission. Our late father would hand spin and weave shawls to which we all played a role. In the later years the women of the family engaged in the sales side of fabric as well as intricate tailoring and embroidery, so it can be said that for us, have refined our interests and have now begun to specialize in the designing and sale of fabrics for our customers to reach out to you under the brand hub of LOOMZ.